The 2554-ton US iron steamer Abbotsford was carrying cotton from Philadelphia to Liverpool. The vessel was 345ft long, with a beam of 37ft and drew 26ft. She lost her way in heavy fog on 21 July, 1875, and ran aground on Wylfa Head. All aboard were saved, but the Abbotsford's bow was badly broken and she was stuck fast.

Gales soon broke her up. Today she is spread out in 2-20m around 53 25.53N; 04 28.13W. That places some of her wreckage within 400m of Wylfa nuclear power station's water-cooling outlets!

Code letters: HDKT
Rigging: Brig
Tonnage: 161 tons gross, 160 under deck and 151 net
Dimensions: 81.8 feet long, 22.8 foot beam and holds 13.8 feet deep
Construction: 1827 in Whitby
Owners: D.T. Sharper
Port of registry: Whitby

list 1895