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You CANNOT get lists for:
  • Ships travelling between ports in Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England Ferry boats, including Cross-Channel, North Sea and Irish Sea ferries Ships travelling between England and all European ports or any ports which lie on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, including all islands in the Med such as Malta UNLESS the ship's voyage started or ended outside that area.

  • Cruise ships

  • Voyages which happened before 1890 unless it was one of the very few lists which escaped the bonfire, but they are only for a few arrivals in Queenstown between 1878 and 1888 Ships bringing trans-migrants into the east coast ports in the UK (Hull, Grimsby etc) from Scandinavia, Germany, Holland, Belgium for example before shipping out through Liverpool, Leith etc. You can only pick these up in British lists by finding them leaving on transAtlantic ships or others bound for beyond-Europe destinations. No Wilson Line arrival lists into Hull.

  • You also cannot find the names of s who boarded ships in (say) Antwerp, which then called in to Dover or London for example before continuing to the US, Canada etc. So if your boarded a Red Star Line ship in Antwerp which took on more s in Dover en route for the US, you will not find the names of those already on board when she arrived in Dover.

  • Soldiers on purely troop-ship voyages

  • Ships which sank before they reached their port in the UK. This means there is NO arrival list for the Lusitania's last voyage, nor for any other ship which did not arrive at its destination for whatever reason.

A few lists with departures from Antwerp (Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild)

Columbus [25 June]

Brig Herald [22 May]

Ship Elard [23 June]
Ship Emily [13 September]

Ship Andana Valley [27 March]

Ship Wabamo [17 September]

SS Switzerland [26 September]

SS Vaderland [27 September]

SS Rhynland [10 November]
SS Vaderland [19 November]

SS Vaderland [3 January]
SS Zeeland [10 January]
SS Nederland [22 May]

SS Belgenland [21 November]