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The Gothland was a 7,755 gross ton ship, built in 1893 by Harland & Wolff, Belfast as the "Gothic" for the White Star Line's New Zealand service. Length 490.7ft x beam 53.2ft (149,55m x 16,21m), one funnel, four masts, twin screw and a speed of 14 knots.

Launched on 28th Jun.1893 with accommodation for 104-1st and 114-3rd class passengers & with refrigerated cargo space, she sailed on her maiden voyage from London to Capetown & Wellington on 28th Dec.1893. In June 1906, she was damaged when her wool cargo caught fire & was beached & flooded at Plymouth. Converted to an emigrant carrier with third class accommodation for 1,800 passengers, all in 4 berth cabins, she was purchased by the Red Star Line, registered under the Belgian flag & renamed "Gothland" in 1908.

She commenced her first Antwerp - New York voyage on 11th Jul.1908, made a single round voyage between Hamburg, Antwerp, Quebec & Montreal on 6th May 1911 & started her last Antwerp - New York sailing on 24th Jun.1911. Between 1911-1913 she resumed the name of "Gothic" & sailed on the UK - Australia/New Zealand service for the White Star Line. She went back to the name "Gothland" & returned to the Antwerp - New York route for Red Star Line on 23rd Apr.1913. On 23rd Jun.1914 she stranded on the Gunnar Rocks, Scilly Isles, was towed off after three days & was repaired at Southampton.

On the 20th Apr.1916 she commenced the first of three or more voyages between New York, Falmouth & Rotterdam for the Belgian Relief Commission & returned to Antwerp - New York voyages with cargo only on 6th May 1919. She resumed passenger voyages on 7th Aug.1920 & commenced her last voyage between Antwerp and Philadelphia in March 1925. Sold in Nov.1925 and scrapped at Bo'ness the following year.


Gothland saved by 3 barrels of oils