This ship left Antwerp, Belgium on 30 May 1907 and arrived at Ellis Island, New York on 17 June 1907 carrying Johann (John) Kristman (-2G). He was the father of Johanna B. Kristmann (-1G), the first wife of my paternal uncle, Albert T. Thoma (-1G). The manifest for this journey lists Johann as 30 years old and married, although he is apparently traveling alone. He is emigrating from Modos, Hungary where he was born.

He is of German ethnicity, stands 5 ft. 10 in. tall, is of dark complexion, and has brown hair and eyes. He has a scar on his left cheek but is otherwise of good physical condition. He was classed as a laborer. His destination was St. Louis, MO where he had a friend.

This ship was built by Laird Brothers, Birkenhead, England in 1892 for the Warren Line. It carried the British flag and traveled the Antwerp to New York route. It weighed 6,059 gross tons and was 429 (bp) feet long and 46 feet wide. It was powered by a triple-expansion steam engine with a single screw drive running at a service speed of 13.5 knots. It held 1,275 s, all in third class.

  • 1892 Oct. 6, launched for British & North Atlantic Co. as cargo steamer
  • 1899 Fitted for accommodation
  • 1899 First voyage for Dominion Line, Liverpool - Quebec - Montreal
  • 1907 March 8, first voyage as charter for Red Star Line, Antwerp - New York
  • 1910 Scrapped